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Etcetera Networks is an IT Service company, located in Nagu in the southwestern archipelago off the city of Turku. We offer IT help and monitoring services, a place for your web pages, blogs, web shop and safe email. In our shop you’ll find selected items that reflects our motto; for a better digital everyday. The products comes with a five year warranty, we’re not talking nick-nacks here even though the pricing is moderate. Talking about pricing; you’ll not encounter pricing like 9.99€, we say ,as it actually is, 10€.

We donate from our revenue towards the saving of the Baltic sea. A well known fact is, that our inland sea is in a miserable state and need all our help. So, besides you minimising motor boating (fossil based), sail and paddle more, your purchases here will go towards a cleaner Baltic sea.

Feel free to comment and express your wishes.

We can also be reached by phone +358 75 3267910

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