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Welcome to Etcetera Shop!

Etcetera Networks is an IT Service company, located in Nagu in the southwestern archipelago off the city of Turku. We offer IT help and monitoring services, a place for your web pages, blogs, web shop and safe email. In our shop you’ll find selected items that reflects our motto; for a better digital everyday. The products comes with a five year warranty, we’re not talking nick-nacks here even though the pricing is moderate. Talking about pricing; you’ll not encounter pricing like 9.99€, we say ,as it actually is, 10€.

We donate from our revenue towards the saving of the Baltic sea. A well known fact is, that our inland sea is in a miserable state and need all our help. So, besides you minimising motor boating (fossil based), sail and paddle more, your purchases here will go towards a cleaner Baltic sea.


Etcetera’s website runs 100% on solar power. The server building’s walls and roof are covered by solar panels. An appropriate battery bank keeps the servers running when the sun don’t. As an extra backup there’s hydro power available. (have not been needed so far). 

Feel free to comment and express your wishes.