Solar Charger 13W 2xUSB


Sandberg Foldable Solar Charger is a highly efficient solar panel that converts sunlight to electricity. It features 2 USB outlets that can be used for charging your USB devices, such as smartphone, tablet or powerbank. By connecting to a powerbank, you can save the electricity there for later charging of your smartphone or you can use it as a stabilising intermediary when charging (if your powerbank supports simultaneous power in and out). The USB outputs are placed in a practical zipper pocket with plenty of room for your USB gear. The supplied snap hooks can for instance be used for attaching the solar panel to your backpack when you are on an adventure. This is green energy for your equipment!

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  • Charge your devices by sunlight.
  • Green energy.
  • Solar panel output: 13.0 W / 6 V
  • Solar cell: Sunpower, High efficiency 22% transfer rate
  • Connectors: 2 x USB A female (1 port 5 V / 2.1 A or 2 ports simultaneously 5 V / 1 A each)


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